Completed: Green Bee Frances Dress: Fun with St. George and Friends

I’m sorry. Really. I know I’m no model, but I couldn’t help it. I MEAN LOOK AT THIS DRESS. LOOK AT HOW LONG IT MAKES MY LEGS LOOK.


Seriously, guys. I was not aware of how crazy-long my legs look.

I prefer a bit more modesty. I prefer skirts that at least hit the knee, because my work requires me to go up and down stairs, bend over, that sort of thing. And I don’t want people getting peeks, nor do I want to spend the entire day carefully monitoring my movements so that I’m not indecent. So I wear leggings at work, and people compliment me on my fun little tunic, and that’s that. But for a photo shoot?



Actually, the reason why I’m pointing at myself like I’m about to fly apart at the seams from excitement is because of the cotton I used, which only adds to the geekiness:

st georgeLook! It’s St. George, and the dragon, and a little boy, AND THEY’RE FRIENDS. No one is killing each other! They’re just reading each other stories and eating apples and it’s adorable and happy and makes my day every time I look at it. ❤

DSC_0017 Now, onto more useful information: The pattern review!

The pattern? Honestly…it’s okay. It’s printed on opaque paper rather than tissue, which forces you to trace it out on your own tissue paper. This has both good and bad aspects: it might be a turn-off for people who want to whip up the dress in a day or a weekend, but it also ensures that you can come back to the pattern again and again, regardless of body changes.

Also, it’s drafted great for curvy ladies.But for a stick like me? I had to take INCHES out of the bust, and the only way to make this not look like a sack on me is to use the waist tie.

There were also a few things that didn’t make sense to me: like, for example, waist darts AND guide lines for elastic to be sewn straight onto the dress. Both? Really? Maybe this is a flattering thing to do for women with cups that overfloweth? I ended up omitting both and just using the waist tie, which works fine for me.


The dress is also obviously made for women who are a few inches shorter than me. I’m 5’8”, by the way.

Also, the front placket has interfacing and two layers of fabric, which, when you include the seam allowance encased within the placket, makes for like 6 layers of fabric and a layer of interfacing. This is REALLY hard to rip with a seam ripper when making the buttonholes.

And speaking of buttonholes, protip: If your placket is narrow, make your button holes VERTICAL, not horizontal. /facepalm


But there are some super cute details. The gathers in the center of the back, below the yoke. Also the gathers below the front yoke. Both are flattering details. The sleeves are also roomy, but the armhole isn’t gaping, so I have freedom of movement without having to worry about the awkward side-boob problem. Also, the buttons go low enough down the dress that you can, indeed, wear it as a dress, and aren’t forced to wear tights or leggings with it at all times.


The dress was quite simple to put together though, and a gratifying project. Cute, doesn’t require a lot of yardage or materials, and versatile.I’ll probably shorten it by a few inches and make a few as shirts.

So, given what you see here, will you be making the Green Bee Frances dress?

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