Completed: Sewaholic 1301 – Robson Coat

I’ve been busy the last few days, making myself a trench coat made of sunshine! 🙂


The coat is made from a cotton/silk twill that was literally named “Daffodil Twill.” Since I’ve wanted a yellow trench coat for years, when I saw the material in the fabric store I jumped on it, even though it was about twice as expensive as fabric I usually pick up.


My S.O. took the shots…didn’t he do a good job?

The Robson coat was a great project to tackle. It took me a long time, but I learned a lot from it. It was my first time working with bias tape to such an extent–the coat is unlined, so all of the seams are finished with bias tape:


It also had me do a great deal of topstitching and pressing–things that I had ignored before, because I had a crummy iron, and also because it was never explicitly put in the directions from pattern companies like Vogue and Simplicity. But this pattern taught me first-hand that a good final product results from pressing at least as much as you sew, if not moreso. Here’s a detail shot:


The one thing that blew my mind about the Robson Coat was that I had to do no other modifications than lengthening the sleeves an inch. The shoulders, the bust, and the sleeve width are all perfect, and these are normally areas that I need to take in a lot. Check out the fit of the top half of the coat!squidtrench4


And, in case you weren’t convinced by how happy I am–not only to have a yellow trench coat that I made, but to have it turn out so well–




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