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Completed: The knit galaxy dress

Some of you may know that, in a previous life, I was an astronomer.

(By the way, that’s the scientist who studies the UNIVERSE for a living, NOT the person who studies tarot cards for a living OMG stop asking me about my astrology background plzkthx)

I gave up astronomy a few years back, and while the intense pursuit of my education and professional training has ended, my love of the visuals has not. So when I saw this space-print knit at my fabric store, I pounced.


The design is a mash-up of a few patterns, with a bit of Morgan flair thrown in, and is only a mock-wrap. The original dress was a true wrap front that had a slim skirt, but I wanted something safer, and I wanted the skirt to be fuller:


…because it’s way more fun to twirl in. 😀


There were more practical reasons for me doing this dress, though. As I mentioned above, I have a pattern that is a true wrap dress, intended for knits. I made it about a year ago, when I had no idea what I was doing, and it didn’t take long for the soft, drapey rayon knit to drag under it’s own weight and become so embarrassingly distorted in the front that I no longer feel comfortable wearing it. I mean, I don’t have cleavage, but I do prefer to make my money and my friends by more wholesome means…

So this time I did my homework and decided I would use it as a learning opportunity, and try to get better at working with knits. I sewed twill tape into the neckline to keep it from drooping, and used 3/8” elastic in the shoulder seams and the waist, sewn at a 1:1 ratio with the (unstretched) knit material, to stabilize the other two areas that tend to distort the most over time.

And now I guess it’s just a matter of wearing the dress a bunch, and seeing if my fixes work.

Aaaanyway, back to less technical talk! My S.O. came out while I was in the middle of photographing myself and laughed at me, because I was trying to look pretty and feminine…and this apparently is not a natural state of things for me. Of course, he ruined the mood, so at that point I gave up on trying to be pretty:


…or particularly conventional.




Really, I like to blame him, but the photos were turning out pretty mixed, anyway. Some days people like me just can’t manage to be pretty and feminine. I even took separate photo shoots over two consecutive days, at different times during the day, to try to get better lighting, or be in a better mood…

But I’ve also been sick, so surely THAT has something to do with it…

Ah well. I DID have fun, though, which is perhaps more than a lot of people can say. 🙂