Completed: By Hand London Victoria Blazer: Cooling Down


My favorite article both to sew and wear is outerwear, in all its glorious forms: blazers, jackets, or coats, zipped or buttoned, long or cropped, full sleeved or half-sleeved, tailored or minimalist.

In this case, the Victoria blazer is untailored, and even lacks interfacing. Shoulder pads? Nah. Buttons? Ew, no.  It is slouchy, oversized, and oh so very, very cool.


The By Hand London ladies are a hoot. If you haven’t snapped up one of their patterns yet, do it, if only for the highly informative and entertaining instructions. These gals are punny. I’ve never seen anyone crack jokes in instructions before, and it’s refreshing .

The instructions are also geared toward absolute novices, so if you’re on of those I’ve-only-ever-made-like-one-skirt-and-I-never-let-it-see-the-light-of-day types, I highly recommend getting your feet wet with a BHL pattern. They’re fashionable without being obviously dated, they’re incredibly versatile, and they’re drafted for a good range of sizes.


I’m already planning to make this blazer up in its various looks (the pattern also has options for a cropped version and a sleeveless version). Guys, this is gonna be a wardrobe staple. I love how I look in it. I love how confident/cool/detached I feel when I wear it. It’s like anarchy for my wardrobe. It’s great.

By the way, a reaction like this is a very good indication of what direction you should be taking your wardrobe in, if you’re the sort of person who curates or “architects” your wardrobe. While I wear quite a few cotton dresses in conversational prints (mostly because they’re easy to throw on in the morning and I get a lot of compliments at work), they don’t exactly do wonders for my self-confidence. I feel pretty normal, maybe cute, but also a bit…”home-made.” And I don’t really want to feel home-made. I want to feel like I ooze style, like someone can see a look and instantly say, “Oh man, Morgan would love that.” I want to reach the point where people are complimenting me on my style, not on my chosen sewing project.

But this untailored, oversized blazer? Heck yeah. Clearly, I need to start steering my wardrobe in a more minimalist direction (which, if any of you follow me on Pinterest, probably should have been obvious to me from the sheer number of pins I have on my “minimalist fashion inspiration” board.)

Now, onto the gritty details!

My only issue with the pattern is that it doesn’t call for lining the sleeves. I don’t know what sort of armor-plated skin the BHL ladies must have, but if you’re making a wool blazer, you DO NOT leave any part that is touching your skin unlined. Yeeeeeech. Fortunately, it was super easy to just throw in the sleeve lining, because the sleeves are finished with french cuffs.

French cuffs, by the way, are utterly genius little things. They’re like sexy facings, where instead of having to do 6 steps, you only do 2. A supremely elegant solution. The ex-researcher highly approves.


But I have a confession to make:

I miss Midwestern autumns.

Back home, October was the perfect month for blazers and jackets.Temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s, crisp winds blowing in from the north, scattered showers.

Here in the Bay Area? It’s been a blistering 85+ for several days. A coworker of mine showed me a picture posted by a friend of hers from the L.A. area, in which the candles were melting from the ambient temperature. They were saggign against each other and the wall, and drooping onto the table from their candlesticks.

Anyway, the temperature is the reason for my expression above…haha.

At least I was only in the blazer and pants for the photoshoot–you can bet your bottom dollar I stripped and slipped on my airy rayon challis dress as soon as I was done taking pictures.

But whether or not the Bay Area weather cell is in denial, fall IS coming! So next up: coats! It’s been so hot I’ve hated even looking at the material for them, but they’re well on their way to being done, and soon enough the weather will warrant wearing them (YESSSSSSSS. Favorite season EVER.). I have a Gareth Pugh rip-off I’m making (looove sewing: designer fashion, fraction of the price!), and then I’ll start regularly posting along with the Ralph Rucci coat sewalong.  So stay tuned for season-appropriate sewing!

What are you guys sewing up for fall?

5 thoughts on “Completed: By Hand London Victoria Blazer: Cooling Down”

  1. I’ve been crushing on the Victoria Blazer for a while now, but yours looks particularly fabulous. I think that the softer drape of the wool you used was a very good design choice.

  2. Do you send your photos to the designers/pattern companies? Because I think your images look even better than their modelled images. They ought to use you for their model!

    1. Wow, thank you! I sent an email to McCall’s to try to get on their fan pinterest board but I haven’t been added yet. And By Hand London is eight time zones away so I don’t think it would be economically feasible to model for them. But it sure would be fun! 🙂

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