Simplicity 1802 & Simplicity 1606 Frankenpattern: Modern Art Museum Ready!

I know it’s been, like, FOREVER since I posted to my blog, but the reason was that my internet was working, and not that I haven’t been sewing!

The best make is one I recently finished, a silk charmeuse dress made with a combination of Simplicity 1802 bodice and Simplicity 1606 skirt:


See the grid-like pattern on the skirt? I wanted to create a focal point on the bodice, so I rearranged the bodice pieces on the material so that I wasn’t just creating random nonsense.


It took forever and was a total pain in the butt and I’m never doing this insane of pattern matching EVER AGAIN EVER. Unless someone pays me at least, like, a hundred bucks from the get-go as a “pain in the patootie” fee.


I made this dress for a trip I’m planning with my S.O. to a nearby modern art museum. We had to put the plan on hiatus, so I wasn’t able to take pictures of the dress in the museum itself (which is what I wanted…oh well). But I was fortunate enough to have a rare day off that was actually sunny, so I snapped a few quick shots anyway.


What do you think? Is it modern-art-museum ready? What would YOU make to wear to a modern art museum?

Coming up next week, assuming my internet is still working: a runway copycat piece!


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